Downtime Costs

Downtime Costs

ITIC’s latest research shows the Hourly Cost of Downtime now exceeds $300k for 91% of mid-market, and large enterprises. Overall, 44% of mid-sized and large enterprise survey respondents reported that a single hour of downtime can cost their businesses over $1M.

downtime costs

Every day businesses must manage new risks based on newly available data. They must continuously drive the requisite changes since "Change Management is Management".  BugZero is here to help by breaking new ground in continuous change management of the IT hardware and software that support your business. As vendors announce new risks to your technology operations, BugZero integrates that information into your change management process so you can reduce risk and make better informed decisions. 

According to this article in The Register, things are getting worse in our space, not better. "A growing number of incidents are being attributed to network, software or systems issues". There are improvements in some areas, but we are digressing in others. "Based on the data it has collected, the Uptime Institute report suggests that each year there will likely be at least 20 serious IT outages across the world that cause major financial loss, business and customer disruption, and reputational loss." Take proactive action to avoid becoming one of these statistics. Assess your risk of outage due to software or system issues with us.

Reach out to find out how BugZero supports your agile business transformation and helps prevent 1/3 of those outages that are caused by vendor software defects.

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