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The Operational Defect Database (ODD) is a free online resource that provides a central repository of operational bugs that could impact the stability and availability of your IT infrastructure. With ODD, you can research operational defects specific to your vendors, enabling you to start taking proactive action and reducing the risk of an outage. Search now to begin exploring our database!

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Vendors currently providing public bug data to the Operational Defect Database

See our Vendor Integrations page for a complete list of vendors providing privileged bug data, exclusively available via the BugZero platform

About BugZero

BugZero is the first solution that collects, filters, correlates, scores, and tracks vendor operational defects that could impact your organization. By integrating your vendor defect management into your ITSM processes, BugZero allows you to stop being reactive and instead become proactive toward the handling of vendor defects and bugs. Our Operational Defect Database (ODD) captures millions of known bugs and defects across a range of enterprise IT Vendors -- from Cisco to Microsoft to VMware, and many more. BugZero's software allows you to take this information a step further, integrating into your existing ITSM processes and enabling you to prioritize the bugs that are surfaced. Rest better at night knowing you'll never be surprised by another vendor bug again.

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