How It Works

Instead of hunting for the operational bugs that pose a risk to your infrastructure, we bring them directly into where you’re already working today – your ITSM tool. We correlate the risks against your CMDB, and only bring in the severity you want to see thereby significantly reducing the number of Problem records.

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BugZero Features


Deep Insight

Deliver visibility into the presence, criticality, and risks of vendor bugs residing in the infrastructure

Situational Awareness

Precisely map all applicable software and firmware bugs to each device or system in your organization

Bug Prioritization

Eliminate the “noise” of less important bugs by selecting the bug severity levels that will trigger tickets in your ITSM tool


Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risk of outages by identifying the most stable firmware and software versions for your infrastructure

Real-Time Information

Ensure accurate and up-to-date operational bug data by taking action on bugs as soon as they are published by vendors

Improved Predictability

Provide operational insight into which vendor bugs are most likely to cause damage


Identify Root Cause

Correlate bugs to CMDB items, enabling the technical staff to quickly determine if a bug is the source of an infrastructure issue

Unified View

Aggregate bug data from multiple vendors into configurable, dynamic reports that provide clear and actionable information

Fast Deployment

Solution is up, running, and reporting on vendor operational bug data within hours


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Simplifying Vendor Bug AwarenessHow We Make It Happen

Stop spending hours in vendor bug lists
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