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Reduce IT Risk by Proactively Identifying Vendor Software Bugs

Reduce IT Risk by Proactively Identifying Vendor Software Bugs

Eric DeGrass

Eric DeGrass


No software is perfect. But when a software has defects, it can cause outages with a costly aftermath.  That software might be storage controller firmware, it may be running your network infrastructure, or it could be your critical enterprise applications. Those defects might be security vulnerabilities, or they may be operational defects, more commonly known as bugs.   

Finding those security vulnerabilities is no problem. These days CVEs are ubiquitous and readily available in a variety of security tools.  

But how do you find those vendor operational defects before they cause problems in your technology stack? The answer lies in an automated solution to identify and report on the myriad of vendor software issues.  

How to Manage Vendor Software Bugs:  Automation 

The State of the CIO Report, released by CIO Online in early 2022, found that a desire for increased IT security was the #1 business need driving tech spending for 2022, followed closely by increasing operational efficiency, and improving customer experience. "Tech leaders and analysts say these business priorities reflect the important balancing act that has been evolving within the CIO office: the need to constantly pursue operational excellence while delivering transformational tech services, with the former supporting the latter." 

On a recent webinar "Why Software Security Is Not Different from Software Quality" hosted by the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), John Keane showed us why he is the "Software Angel of Death." He provided data showing that Software Security is a subset of Software Quality and that a more holistic view of Software Quality will prevent many Software Security issues.  

The industry's current laser-focus on cybersecurity may be ignoring other information security areas.  The Confidentiality leg of the Information Security Triad gets all the attention, with less attention for the Integrity leg, and less still for Availability. 

What can IT leaders do to reduce their IT risk?  

If you want to reduce risk and prevent software bugs before they cause costly downtime, there is finally a solution available. With BugZero, you can implement an integrated platform that proactively creates tasks in your ITSM tool for the critical defects that may impact your enterprise.  Mapping those defects directly to your devices and filtering out any noise that you don’t want. 

Our first-of-its-kind automated platform improves your Information Security posture while maturing your entire IT organization. If your organization also wants to mitigate risk during the change management process, our platform has you covered. 

Are you ready to automate operational defect management, identify IT Risk, and improve operational efficiency? Learn more about what BugZero can do for your organization today. 


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