Change Management

Change Management

One of the times our IT systems are most at risk is during change. So, how does BugZero help you mitigate risks during change?  Let's assume you are a mature organization using the ServiceNow Change Management process, which includes entering your Implementation Plan as part of the change workflow. BugZero will use the Implementation Plan to search for any open bugs in your systems which may be encountered during your change, helping you avoid drama during your change windows.

Now you have increased risk awareness during the riskiest thing we do.

This article from Harvard Business Review is a good example of applying modern technology principles like Agile and CI/CD to the business that those technologies support. They focus on continual Change Management to drive business success, espousing the need for business to "develop their capacity to lead continual change while their people develop the capacity to implement it".   Every day businesses must address new risks based on newly available data and continuously drive the requisite changes, since "Change Management is Management". BugZero is here to help by breaking new ground in continuous change management of the COTS hardware and software that support your business. As vendors announce new risks to your technology operations, BugZero integrates that information into your change management process, so you can reduce risk and make better informed decisions. 

Salient thoughts from Tim Crawford of AVOA. "Leadership teams need to take a systemic approach to considering risk. Technology operational risks need consideration right up there with cybersecurity risk." Hear, hear! We prefer taking a proactive approach to reducing technology operational risk, preferably through automation.

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