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Reaching New Heights in IT Change Management Maturity

Reaching New Heights in IT Change Management Maturity

Eric DeGrass

Eric DeGrass


The Impact of Change Management Maturity in IT 

Change management is a critical aspect of IT operations. It ensures smooth transitions and minimizes downtime as new updates and technologies are implemented. A mature change management process can help organizations reduce risks, optimize resources, and maintain business continuity. 

This article from Harvard Business Review is a good example of applying modern technology principles, like Agile and CI/CD, to the business that those technologies support. They focus on Continual Change Management to drive business success, espousing the need for business to "develop their capacity to lead continual change while their people develop the capacity to implement it."   

Mature IT change management processes are crucial to minimizing risks and ensuring smooth transitions during IT system changes. Every day businesses must address new risks based on newly available data, new technology, and continuously drive the requisite changes, since "Change Management is Management.” Tim Crawford of AVOA underscored the crux of the matter: 

"Leadership teams need to take a systemic approach to considering risk. Technology operational risks need consideration right up there with cybersecurity risk."  

Hear, hear! We prefer taking a proactive approach to reducing technology operational risk,  through automation. Why? Because new software (and the changes that come with it) has become too complex for IT Operation leaders to manage, on top of all their other business-critical responsibilities. That’s why it’s time to shift your change management process to automated solutions. 

The ServiceNow Change Management Process 

Mature organizations often use the ServiceNow Change Management process, which includes documenting an Implementation Plan as part of the change workflow. This plan outlines the steps to be taken, the resources required, and the expected outcomes of the change. It serves as a blueprint for executing change efficiently and effectively. 

How BugZero Integrates into Your Change Management Process 

Our IT systems are most at risk during major change, even when using the ServiceNow change management process. So, what can businesses do without adding more workload to their IT Operations teams? 

They can try BugZero: The first-of-its-kind solution to address costly vendor defects and reduce IT risk. 

But how does BugZero help you mitigate risks during change?   

Let's assume you are a mature organization using the ServiceNow Change Management process, which includes entering your Implementation Plan as part of the change workflow.  

BugZero’s automated platform will use the Implementation Plan to search for any vendor software bugs that may be encountered during your change, helping you avoid drama during change windows. 

Now you have increased risk awareness during the riskiest thing we do.  

BugZero is here to help by breaking new ground in continuous change management of the hardware and software that support your business. As vendors announce new risks to your technology operations, BugZero integrates that information into your change management process, allowing you to reduce risk and make better informed decisions.  

Learn more about how BugZero supports your agile business transformation and improves your organization’s change management maturity. 


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