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Release Information for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure 6 Patch 1

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

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Please confirm that you are running version Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure 6 (build or later before upgrading. You can find the currently installed build number (Server version) in the About section under Configuration | Support Information | Updates. After installing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v6 patch 1, your build number will be

What's New

Security  Overall stability and product security have been improved.  In private deployment, disk access resources assigned to VM disks can now be used for backup operations of these disks if the 'Veeam backup appliance ID' tag is assigned to the disk accesses.

Resolved Issues

General When creating an SMTP account using the Web UI, the username requires the domain name to be specified in the following format: username@domain Email notification settings do not support configuring multiple email recipients. Private Network Deployment Under certain conditions, disk access resources cannot be reused. Network settings of the backed-up disk are not applied to the created snapshots. Backup Policies continue to back up resources protected by a specific tag even when that tag is unassigned or changed for these resources. Azure SQL Managed Instance backup fails if the Business Critical service tier is used. Under certain conditions, the backup of large disks may fail due to an overflow error. Manual snapshot is unavailable for Azure VMs and Azure Files located in tenants other than where the appliance is deployed. Restore An account assigned the 'Restore operator' role cannot perform Azure VM-level, disk-level, or file-level restore. Cross-tenant restore of Azure Files is unavailable. Workers Worker deployment fails if outbound traffic over port 80 is blocked, even when security updates are disabled for workers. Under certain conditions, when performing incremental backup to an immutable repository, the process may stall with no progress shown.

Deployment Information

To install updates, follow the steps described in the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure User Guide.  After installing the patch, the build number will be

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