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Veeam Backup for AWS Private Network Deployment Automation

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Veeam Backup for AWS

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This article provides information about Veeam Backup for AWS support for private deployment mode. It will explain how to use the attached script to configure network settings for buckets (used as repositories) and workers (used for backups). To learn more about implementing Private Deployment Mode, review the Enabling Private Network Deployment section of the Veeam Backup for AWS User Guide.


Package Contents The download package contains five files: 00 Bucket.json — CloudFormation details for configuring buckets 10 Worker.json — CloudFormation details for configuring workers in all regions 15 Vb.json — CloudFormation details for configuring the Veeam Backup server 20 BucketRoute.json — CloudFormation details for configuring buckets routing deploy.sh — Script to perform the actual deployment No changes to the files are necessary to make them work, simply pass the expected arguments to the deploy.sh and it will handle the rest. However, if required, the naming of tag values and other details can be changed to your liking.   Functionality This script will allow you to deploy VPCs with all required settings for: Veeam Backup appliance (configured with two subnets: public and private NAT gateways) Workers (you will have to specify all regions you’re going to work with as parameters within deploy.sh) Bucket   Deploy.sh Argument Requirements When executing the deploy.sh script, two sets of parameters have particular requirements that you must ensure you accommodate: The worker_regions and worker_cidrs parameters: They must be a list of values separated by a comma (without any spaces). The number of worker_regions and workers_cidrs specified must match (e.g., if you specify three worker regions, there must be three worker cidrs). The order of the values specified for worker_regions and worker_cidrs must match (i.e., the first worker_region specified must match the first worker_cidrs value specified, and so on). The vb_public_cidr and vb_private_cidr values must be a subset of the vb_cidr value. The public and private cidr values must not overlap each other.

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Download Automation Package Filename: KB4552_CF_Templates_20240208.zip MD5: B74864147F404B0D15C714C00C234D45 SHA1: 2EF6F8E109A210FEE7EE333F9AF1F087BDBEB3B4

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