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Licensing Requirement Changes in Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 7

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Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

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Due to enhanced integrations and architectural changes across the Veeam Data Platform, there are new license requirements for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator, particularly relating to Veeam ONE. In previous versions, Veeam Recovery Orchestrator shipped with an embedded, lightweight version of Veeam ONE to allow for data collection and other activities. This was provided at no additional license cost. However, new integrations across the Veeam Data Platform, such as the Veeam Threats Dashboard, require that fully licensed versions of all products are used (Veeam Recovery Orchestrator, Veeam ONE, and Veeam Backup & Replication). Therefore, moving forward, customers may license Veeam Recovery Orchestrator in the following two ways -  License all three products as Veeam Data Platform Premium. This gives the highest level of protection, monitoring, and orchestration for all workloads. License Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE as Veeam Data Platform Advanced, and then add Veeam Recovery Orchestrator in 10-instance license packs.

Software Upgrade Impact

Existing deployments of Veeam Recovery Orchestrator using a Veeam Data Platform Foundation license cannot upgrade to Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 7 until a new license, as described above, is installed. The Veeam Renewals department will assist customers using Veeam Data Platform Foundation and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator with the required license upgrade process.


If you have an active Veeam Data Platform Advanced (VDPA) contract - you can merge your VDPA and VRO licenses in the My Account > License Management portal. If you require assistance, please create a licensing support case. If you only have an active Veeam Data Platform Foundation contract - contact Renewals to use your free upgrade to Veeam Data Platform Premium (recommended) or Veeam Data Platform Advanced.

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