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EFS Backup Policy Fails With "Not authorized to perform DeleteRecoveryPoint"

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Veeam Backup for AWS

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An EFS Backup Policy fails with the message: User: arn:aws:sts::<id>:assumed-role/VEEAM-BACKUP-FOR-AWS-IAM-ROLE-NAME/VeeamBackupSession_<guid> is not authorized to perform: backup:DeleteRecoveryPoint on resource: arn:aws:backup:AWS-REGION:<id>:recovery-point:<guid> with an explicit deny in a resource-based policy


This error occurs when a backup vault's access policy restricts the 'backup:DeleteRecoveryPoint' action. This often happens when an EFS Backup Policy is configured to use the automatic backup vault, as that vault's default access policy explicitly denies the 'backup:DeleteRecoveryPoint' action.


In alignment with AWS documentation, we advise creating a new Backup Vault to store the Veeam Backup for AWS EFS Recovery Points, because a new Backup Vault doesn't have a default Access Policy. Reference: Veeam Backup for AWS - EFS Backup IAM Role Permissions As indicated in the Amazon AWS documentation: Your account will always have a default backup vault. If you require different encryption keys or access policies for different groups of backups, you can create multiple backup vaults. Furthermore, the Create Amazon EFS automatic backups documentation states: The Amazon EFS automatic backup vault aws/efs/automatic-backup-vault is reserved for those automatic backups only. If you use it as a destination for other backup plans, you will receive an "insufficient privileges" error.

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If you are required to use a specific backup vault to storae Veeam Backup for AWS EFS recovery points, you must ensure that the backup vault's Access Policy does not deny actions utilized by Veeam Backup for AWS.

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