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Release Information for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 Cumulative Patches

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Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

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No fixed releases provided.



This Cumulative Patch can be used to: update manually from a previous Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 release to the latest Cumulative Patch. upgrade an existing Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 5 server to Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 with the latest Cumulative Patch. install a new deployment of Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 with the latest Cumulative Patch included.   After installing the Cumulative Patch, the Veeam Recovery Orchestrator build number will be (P20230419).

Release Information

Below are details about the Cumulative Patches that have been released for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6. Each subsequent Cumulative Patch also includes all fixes present in the previous Cumulative Patches.

Download Information

Upgrade Requirements New Install Requirements Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 Release Notes

Manual Updating

The Update procedure for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator 6 P20230419 ( requires the manual execution of individual update packages from the Veeam Recovery Orchestrator ISO. Preparation Stop all processes (plan execution or DataLab testing) in the Veeam Recovery Orchestrator UI. Close any instances of Veeam ONE Client that are connected. To update components successfully, you must be logged in as a non-domain local Administrator. You will require the service account password for all the components to be updated. Update Procedure Execute the update packages in this specific order: All paths listed below are relative to the drive letter where the Veeam Recovery Orchestrator ISO is mounted. From the \Redistr\x64\ folder, run the following: aspnetcore-runtime-6.0.14-win-x64.exe dotnet-runtime-6.0.14-win-x64.exe From the \Updates\ folder, run the following: veeam_backup_12.0.0.1420_CumulativePatch20230412.exe From the \Monitor\ folder, run the following: VeeamONE.Monitor.Server.x64.msi VeeamONE.Monitor.Client.x64.msi From the \Reporter\ folder, run the following: VeeamONE.Reporter.Server.x64.msi VeeamONE.Reporter.WebUI.x64.msi From the \Updates\ folder, run the following: VDRO.Server.x64_6.0.0.3571.msp

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