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How To Configure Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA to Support SAP HANA System Replication

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This article provides information about using Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA to protect SAP HANA System Replication.


There are two methods to utilize Veeam Plug-In for SAP HANA when protecting nodes involved in SAP HANA System Replication. Both methods use the same core Veeam Plug-In for SAP HANA installation and configuration steps for the source and target(s) of replication. Independent The Veeam Plug-In for SAP HANA treats each node as an independent machine. After takeover, changes must be done to realign existing backup data to cause the Plug-In to recognize the failover node as if it is the original node. Federated The Veeam Plug-In for SAP HANA deployed on each node is configured with a shared customServerName parameter so that the related nodes are seen as the same machine, allowing for a seamless transition after takeover.

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