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Veeam Recovery Orchestrator May Timeout During Execution of a Replica Plan if the Source vCenter Is Offline

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Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

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When executing a Replica plan, Veeam Recovery Orchestrator may hang as it processes each VM in the plan. This hang will occur if two vCenters are used (one Production and one DR), and the source vCenter is down or otherwise unreachable. This issue only affects Replica plans.   The following Orchestration plans are not affected: CDP replica plans Restore plans Storage plans As this issue only affects Replica plans, the patch on this article is optional for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator deployments not using Replica plans.


This issue occurs due to a conflicting interaction between Veeam Recovery Orchestrator and the Veeam Backup PowerShell components.


Follow the steps below to install a patch to resolve this issue and prevent the hang condition.   Preparation: Before installing the patch, ensure that: there are no plans in an active state (e.g., failing over, halted, etc.). there are no plans running or scheduled to run. no datalab tests are running or scheduled to run. all Orchestrator agents on Veeam Backup servers have a "Healthy" status.

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Download VDRO Server Patch VAO.Server.x64_5.0.0.2782.msp

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