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Archiving Job Fails With: "Failed to provision a proxy appliance : Unable to connect by SSH to Appliance."

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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An Archiving Job for a Scale-Out Backup Repository fails with the error:


This issue most commonly occurs when the Firewall or Security groups in AWS/Azure have blocked port 22. AWS: Control traffic to resources using security groups Azure Network Network Security Groups This issue may also occur if an outbound Firewall rule for the environment has blocked port 22. Used Ports: Archive Object Storage Repository


Check Firewall Configuration Review the Used Ports: Archive Object Storage Repository section of the Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide. Confirm that necessary Firewall and Security Group settings have been configured to ensure communication.   Isolation Test Guide This section provides a step-by-step guide on performing isolation testing to determine if the Port 22 of the Archive Proxy Appliance can be reached. Note: This process will start all offload/archiving jobs. The offload is started because the appliance is non-persistent and only exists during the archive tier task. Please take this into account and run this after production hours if needed. The IP of the Archive Proxy Appliance is assigned from the Archive Tier Properties under Subnet Settings. Assign a specific Windows server as the Gateway Server for the Archive Tier's Object Storage Repository. This is done so you know which server to perform the isolation test from in the later steps. Edit the Object Storage Repository assigned as the Archive Tier for the Scale-Out Backup Repository. Select the Account Tab ( S3 Glacier | Azure Archive ). On the Account tab, enable "Use the following gateway server:" Assign a Windows server that can connect to the Cloud Storage.  The server you select as the Gateway Server is the one from which you will run the test in Step 4. Force the Tiering Job to start. This is done because the Archive Tiering Appliance is non-persistent and only exists when an Archiving Task occurs. Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and right-click on the Scale-Out Backup Repository. In the context menu, select "Run tiering job now"

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