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Mounting SMB Share During AIX Bare Metal Restore Results in Inaccessible Data on Restored Machine

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Veeam Agent for IBM AIX

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After mounting a CIFS/SMB mount in the Bare Metal Restore environment, data on some VG aren't accessible in the restored system.


This issue occurs because affected VG's major device number in /dev doesn't match information within ODM. Detailed Cause: Before a CIFS/SMB share can be mounted in the Bare Metal Recovery environment, an "nsmb0" device needs to be created. If that device is created before the Bare Metal Restore operation, it takes the first combination of device numbers available on the system. Because the combinations of major and minor device numbers are unique, the taken combination can't be used during the Bare Metal Restore operation. If the taken combination was in use by a VG on the original system, when that VG is restored, it is assigned the next different major device number during the recovery process. The assignment of a different major device number causes a discrepancy between the restored /dev information and the ODM of the recovered system.


To resolve this situation, export the mismatched VG and reimport it. The reimport will resynchronize ODM with the /dev information and cause the data to become accessible. exportvg - https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/aix/7.2?topic=e-exportvg-command importvg - https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/aix/7.2?topic=i-importvg-command

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