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Veeam | kb4314

Job Writing to Cloud Connect Repository Fails with: "Target gate has rejected connection. Connection target is not recognized. No rule exists."

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Veeam Cloud Connect

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A Veeam Cloud Service Provider observes that their tenant's jobs intermittently fail with either of the following errors:

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For high availability reasons, Veeam Cloud Service Providers can use DNS Round-Robin and external load balancers only for the name of the Service Provider when adding it to a tenant VBR server: https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backup/cloud/cloud_connect_sp_settings.htmlCloud Gateway Configuration example from VCC Best Practice Resource: Load Balancers Please keep in mind that Veeam has its own HA logic and keeps the names of all available Cloud Gateway Servers obtained from SP during a previous rescan or job run. This allows the tenant VBR server to automatically failover to the next gateway if some gateways are offline.

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