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Release Information for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v3a

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

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Please confirm that you are running version Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v2 (build or later before upgrading. You can find the currently installed build number (Server Version) in the About section under Configuration | Support Information. After installing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v3a, your build number will be

What's New

Licensing Data protection of Azure SQL workloads is now licensed per server that hosts protected databases. Previously, licensing model was done per database.

Resolved Issues

General Retention policy task fails to complete if it runs more than one hour. Security Veeam Updater component of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure allows users to bypass authentication mechanisms and execute arbitrary code. See this KB for more information > https://www.veeam.com/kb4261 When recreating the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure, the database settings from the previous database installation are used. Licensing Manual Azure SQL backup consumes a license key. Backup Restore point creation date does not honor the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure appliance time zone settings. The creation date-time is saved in the UTC format in the backup metadata file. Manual Azure SQL backups are removed according to the retention settings configured in the backup policy. Restore The restoration to the managed VM's original location with several disks can fail due to temporary tags being removed in the wrong order. Workers Permissions for deleting networks belonging to workers configuration are not granted to the Azure account by default. Azure SQL Azure SQL Managed Instances using non-default port/private endpoints cannot be backed up. Backup policy fails when processing SQL Servers from different subscriptions of one account via staging server.    Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure 3a also includes all fixes that were present in Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure 3.

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To upgrade an existing installation, follow the steps outlined in the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure User Guide.  After installing Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure v3, your build version will be

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