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Release Information for Veeam Service Provider Console v6 Patch 1

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Veeam Service Provider Console

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Please confirm you are running Veeam Service Provider Console version or later before installing Patch 1. You can check this by logging in to the backup portal and navigating to the Configuration > Support Information tab. After upgrading, your server build will be

What’s New

Management Agent Management Agent for Microsoft Windows can now be downloaded as an EXE file. This improves the overall experience with the agent deployment process. REST API v3  Management Agent can now be downloaded or deleted with REST API.

Resolved Issues

Patch 1 for Veeam Service Provider Console v6 contains enhancements and fixes based on our customer's feedback, the most significant of which are listed below. Management Agent Under certain conditions, management agents cannot automatically upgrade to the latest version after upgrading Veeam Service Provider Console to version 6. Management agents belonging to a tenant cannot be downloaded or upgraded to the latest version if more than five cloud gateways are assigned to that tenant in the Veeam Cloud Connect console. Notifications Email address with a domain name longer than six symbols cannot be configured in notifications settings. Incorrect MIME headers are used in the email notifications. Single Sign-on When configuring the identity provider, special symbols in the Identity provider URL are not escaped. Security Resellers can see data about Veeam Cloud Connect repositories on the Infrastructure Overview tab belonging to tenants managed by other resellers or a service provider. Role-Based Access Control Under certain conditions, the domain administrator cannot log in to the backup portal with the correct role if this account is not explicitly added to the Roles and Users tab as an administrator. Monitoring Under certain conditions, the “Immediate backup copy job state” alarm triggers a false-positive alert. Licensing Protected workloads hosted by a service provider are not displayed on the Licensing -> Overview tab. Performance IIS process can consume too much CPU resources if there are a lot of REST API v2 calls. Veeam Agent for Linux  Integration The backup job schedule is not updated when the schedule is switched to “Everyday” mode. REST API v3 The “isEnabled” property in the WindowsBackupAgentJob data model is now marked as a read-only property.

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To install Veeam Service Provider Console 6 Patch 1, perform these steps: Create a backup of the VSPC configuration database. Log off from all active Veeam Service Provider Console UI sessions. Execute ApplicationServer.x64_6.0.0.8787.msp file as administrator on the Veeam Service Provider Console server. Execute WebUI.x64_6.0.0.8787.msp file as administrator on the Veeam Service Provider Console UI (IIS) server.

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