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Service Provider Console displays duplicate entries for machines when Veeam Agent is installed on Citrix VM.

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Veeam Service Provider Console

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When VMs on Citrix Hypervisor (formerly known as XenServer) that is orchestrated by Cloudstack Apache or Azure Stack Hub and using Veeam Agent (for Microsoft Windows or for Linux) are managed by Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC), reporting, licensing, and management functionality may have unpredictable results.


When a VM on XenServer, on Cloudstack Apache or Azure Stack Hub, is shutdown or rebooted, that VM's hardware IDs may change. The VSPC Management Agent uses the hardware IDs of the machine where it is running to generate a unique system identifier to track the machine. When that unique identifier (UUID) generated by the Management Agent is reported to the Veeam Service Provider Console, if it does not match the UUID previously assigned to the VM, VSPC registers the VM as a new object.


Starting in Veeam Service Provider Console 7, an improved machine tracking method was implemented for XenServer VMs that resolves the issues caused by the hardware IDs changing after a shutdown/reboot.

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Veeam Service Provider Console 6 Workarounds The following workarounds are available for Veeam Service Provider Console 6: Option 1: Create a registry value on each VM to force a specific UUID

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