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Veeam Service Provider Console fails to connect to restored VSPC database due to collation conflict

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Veeam Service Provider Console

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When attempting to connect Veeam Service Provider Console to an existing VSPC database the following error occurs:


Starting Veeam Service Provider Console v6, it is not possible to connect to a database if that database and the instance hosting it have different collation settings.


It is not possible to safely perform collation conversion of the VSPC database. A new SQL Instance must be created with a collation that matches the VSPC database. After that SQL Instance is created, the VSPC database you were attempting to connect to must be moved/restored to that new collation-matching instance. When the database and instance collation match, you may connect Veeam Service Provider Console to the database.

More Information

Checking Database and Instance Collation For more information see View Collation Information in the SQL Documentation. Information about the database and instance collation can be found within their properties. Within SQL Server Management Studio right-click on either the instance or database and select Properties. Database collation information is listed under the heading Maintenance, and instance collation is found in the row labeled Server Collation.

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