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Veeam Service Provider Console v5 Patch 3

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Veeam Service Provider Console

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Please confirm you are running version or later before installing Patch 3. You can check this by logging in to the backup portal and navigating to the Configuration > Support Information tab. After upgrading, your server build will be

Resolved Issues

Security The configured encryption password used in backup policies is reset after upgrading to Veeam Service Provider Console v5. UI Exporting data from the grid to the CSV, XML format does not work on Configuration -> Licensing -> Cloud Connect and Backup Servers tab. VMware Cloud Director integration Backup policies targeted to a VMware Cloud Director repository cannot be edited. VCD company creation operation may take significant time when using VSPC API. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows "Wake-up timers are not supported by the operating system" warning message is displayed for backup agents running the server mode. Restful APIs v3 GET /protectedWorkloads/virtualMachines method returns incorrect jobUid value for backup copy jobs with immediate mode.


To install Patch 3, perform these steps: Back up the VSPC configuration database. Log off from all active VSPC UI sessions. Execute VSPC.ApplicationServer.x64_5.0.0.6959.msp file on the VSPC server as administrator. Execute VSPC.WebUI.x64_5.0.0.6959.msp file as administrator on the VSPC UI (IIS) server. Execute VSPC.ConnectorService.x64_5.0.0.6883.msp as administrator on the VSPC server. After installing Patch 3, perform these steps: All Windows backup agent jobs with configured encryption will fail with the corresponding error message "Reconfigure the encryption password for this agent to ensure backup recoverability." Once you see what agents require this reconfiguration, navigate to the Backup Jobs and reconfigure the encryption password.  Rerun all failed backup jobs to apply new encryption settings. To restore data from previously created backups, please contact Veeam technical support for assistance.

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