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How to migrate tenant replicas that use a standard switch to a dvSwitch

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You need to migrate your tenants from a Standard Switch to a Distributed Switch (dvSwitch).


In the Veeam Backup & Replication console on the service provider side, open Cloud Connect > Replica Resources > Edit Hardware Plan for a hardware plan used by tenants that you want to migrate to a dvSwitch. At the Network step of the Edit Hardware Plan wizard, click the Configure VLAN ID range link. In the VLANs Configuration window, select the current VLAN configuration and click Edit. Configure VLANs with Internet access and VLANs without Internet access so that only pre-allocated networks remain, and click OK. In the VLANs Configuration window, click Add and specify a new VLAN configuration for a dvSwitch. At the Network step of the wizard, increase the number of networks on the Network configuration tab. The values should be increased with the number of newly added networks. Apply the configuration settings. For each tenant using this hardware plan, the new dvSwitch networks will appear on the host.  Change the network adapter manually for a dvSwitch VLAN of each tenant replica. There are two ways to do that: In vSphere Web Client right-click on the old VLAN and select the Migrate VMs to Another Net… option. In vSphere Web Client edit the Network adapter setting for each VM.  Note: When network configuration is changed, two networks will appear in the VM configuration, because existing snapshots are still using the old network configuration. When these snapshots are removed according to the retention policy, only the new network will be shown for the VM. Remap networks for replication jobs. There are two ways to do that:  Change replication jobs settings:  In the Veeam Backup & Replication console on the tenant side, right-click a replication job and select Edit. At the Name step of the Edit Replication Job wizard, select the Network remapping check box. At the Network step of the wizard, click Add and specify source and target networks to switch jobs to the new network. In the Veeam Backup & Replication console on the tenant side, open Backup Infrastructure > Service Providers, right-click a service provider and select the Manage default gateways option to remap Windows VMs.

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