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How to Migrate Veeam Agent Backup Files to Cloud Connect Repository

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Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Service Provider Console

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows

Veeam Agent for Linux

Veeam Agent for Mac

Veeam Cloud Connect

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This article documents the available methods to migrate backup data from Standalone deployments of Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows or Veeam Agent for Linux from a non-Cloud Connect Repository to a Cloud Connect repository, allowing the original backup job to continue utilizing that backup data. These methods can be helpful when you need to back up a large amount of data to a cloud repository using a slow network connection and doing so directly may fail due to the 168-hour connection timeout. These methods will allow you to create a full backup on local storage, move the backup file to the cloud repository with external tools, and use that backup file as a "seed" for the backup to continue sending only incremental change data.


Migrate Standalone Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Backups to a Cloud Connect Repository Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Information regarding the process for migrating existing Standalone Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows backup data to a cloud repository is available within the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows User Guide, Moving Veeam Agent Backups to Veeam Cloud Connect Repository. Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Agent for Mac The migration (seeding) of backup data for the standalone Veeam Agent for Linux or Veeam Agent for Mac is not available when it is not managed by the Veeam Service Provider Console, due to the absence of the Map Backup function in Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Agent for Mac.

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