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Incorrect Replica Counters in Monthly Cloud Connect License Usage Report

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Veeam Cloud Connect

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Automated monthly license usage reports generated by Veeam Cloud Connect display an unexpected number of replicated VMs and licensed instances. At the same time, Get-VBRCloudTenant -Name "TenantName" PowerShell cmdlet returns proper numbers.


Miscalculations are caused by a bug in the stored procedure.


Automatic (with services restart) DOWNLOAD PRIVATE FIXMD5 for kb3004.zip: 97dfb14d66959f5cd4ec6279f890bef4SHA-1 for kb3004.zip: 91b402007992ffe9a0dc2ce34b8954cb01476c1a  Download the hotfix. Check the current version of Veeam Backup & Replication. It must be Make sure that no jobs are running, close the console, and stop all Veeam services. Right-click on the installation file and click "Run as administrator" Go through the wizard to install private fix. Manual DOWNLOAD SCRIPTMD5 for kb3004_0.zip: 024ba03459d46e3c9be6b59d40066868SHA-1 for kb3004_0.zip: 302af86b05b6bfc25e532db4f69045e7d6e41732  Download archive with u4b_FIX_Licensing.Reporting.CC.GetInstancesInfo.sql file, extract and copy it to the SQL server, which hosts the Veeam Cloud Connect database or any other machine that can connect to the SQL instance in question. Connect to the SQL instance by using Microsoft SQL Studio. When connecting, please provide valid credentials with full permissions. Find your Veeam Cloud Connect database (its default name is VeeamBackup). Right-click it and select New Query. Open file u4b_FIX_Licensing.Reporting.CC.GetInstancesInfo.sql by using the text editor, copy all its content and paste it to the query window from step 3. Run the query by clicking Execute or pressing F5. Make sure that the query is executed successfully. The fix is applied immediately, restart of Veeam services is not required.

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