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Replication Job Failure - Error "A general system error occurred: @&!*@*@(msg.fileio.generic)"

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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A replication job fails to run and fails with the following error message reported: A general system error occurred: @&!*@*@(msg.fileio.generic)


This message is most often caused by the destination datastore being low on space.


To resolve:1. Manually remove older snapshot/restore points from the Replica. Always delete the oldest/topmost snapshot. Remove snapshots until there are (Retention +2) snapshots on the replica.Example:In the screenshot below is a snapshot/restore point chain. In this example the job was set to a retention policy of 7 which was too high for the small datastore. The decision was made to change it to 2 for testing. As such we began by removing the topmost snapshot (highlight).2. Migrate unneeded VMs off the datastore.

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To prevent this from occurring, it is recommended that you keep the retention setting within the replication job low until an understanding of the space needed has been made.

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