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Failed to write data to the file *.vbk - file too large

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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The file system or operating system of the Linux repository does not support the size of the backup file. The maximum file size on a particular repository server depends on a number of factors and can vary with block size, between kernel versions, and between versions of a file system. For example, SLES 11 32-bit has a kernel-based file size limitation of 2 TiB. Older kernels or distributions that lack large file support may have a file size limit as small as 2 GiB. File system limitations encountered by typical jobs include: File System Maximum File Size FAT32 4 GiB Ext3, 1KiB block size 16 GiB Ext3, 2KiB block size 256 GiB Ext3, 4KiB+ block size 2 TiB Ext4, 1KiB block size 4 TiB Ext4, 2KiB block size 8 TiB Ext4, 4KiB block size 16 TiB  If you have specified an ESX 4.x host as a Linux repository, the following limitations apply: File System Maximum File Size VMFS3, 1KiB block size 256 GiB VMFS3, 2KiB block size 512 GiB VMFS3, 4KiB block size 1 TiB VMFS3, 8KiB block size 2 TiB minus 512B


To resolve this issue, you can do any of the following: Copy any files currently on the repository to another storage device, then reformat the disk with a file system that supports larger files, such as XFS. Replace the operating system of the 32-bit Linux repository server with 64-bit Linux (if applicable). Point the job to a repository that supports larger files. Divide the VMs in the job among several smaller jobs.

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Please see the following VMware Knowledge Base article for more information about block size requirements: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003565

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