Vendor Features

ServiceNow IntegrationIntegrates with ITSM and ITIL principles and processes within ServiceNowBugZero bug tasks are inserted into your ServiceNow and into your IT Operations processes
Manged Products SyncScans your CMDB and/or vendor portal for all devices deployed within your organization. Includes the ability to disable any managed products that you don't want to monitorThis feature enables the core functionality of BugZero, scanning your environment and allowing you to choose which products we monitor
Data NormalizationMapping vendor data and terminology to a standardized ServiceNow formatDifferent vendors provide bug data in many different formats and using different terminology. BugZero brings that varied data into your ServiceNow in a normalized structure
Bug StatusesFiltering based on the status of the bug in the vendor's bug resolution processOpen - The bug has not been fixed || Fixed - The bug has been fixed || Terminated - A decision was made not to fix the bug
Component FilterFiltering based on the services or components that are active in a managed productIf you aren't running any BGP, Voice IVRs, or MPLS VPNs, you can filter out any bug alerts related to those technologies
Keyword ExclusionExclude bugs that contain any keywords of your choosingAny word. Seriously
Priority MappingMapping the vendor's bug severity terminology to ServiceNow Impact / Urgency / PriorityA critical bug from the vendor might be mapped in ServiceNow as 1-High / 1-High / 1-Critical
Vendor Cloud InventoryIntegrates with vendor 'call home' portal to pull inventoryThis is currently only available from a few vendors: Cisco, Vmware, and NetApp.
Multi Cloud Tenant SupportFilter unneeded tenants when there are multiple tenants in your vendor cloud portalIf your vendor portal manages many different accounts or locations, you can filter out ones you don’t want
Bug Date RangeChoose how many days to look back for published bugsDo you only want to see bugs published in the past 90 days. Or bug published in the past year? Or all time?
Operational mis-configsVendor mis-configuration alertsNotification of a mis-config in your environment
Security mis-configsVendor security mis-configuration alertsNotification of a security mis-config in your environment
Support Cases Count FilterFilter based on number of support cases that have been openedFor example, you may not want to know about a bug until at least 10 other organizations have been impacted and opened support cases
Community InsightsInformation gathered from the user community in addition to the information provided by the vendorThis can consist of many different types of information that may not be included in the vendors standard bug report
Inventory Source SelectionOnly applies to vendors that have a cloud inventory portal. Choose either your CMDB or the vendor's cloud portal as the product inventory sourceIf you don't have (and don't want to have) call home enabled for all your products, we can pull the inventory from your CMDB instead of the vendor's cloud portal
Bug Risk Score MatricesBug risk score calculation based on vendor data and user defined matricesConfigure your own bug risk score calculator based on vendor specific matrices to add to every vendor bug discovered for you environment

Prevent Outages from Vendor Bugs

BugZero decreases risk and increases IT Operational Resilience by integrating with your ITSM tool to collect, filter, correlate, and track non-security bugs specific to your vendor products

vendor integration prerequisites


  1. A BugZero account with access to the BugZero Dashboard

  2. Completed the BugZero ServiceNow configuration steps

  3. Configure your Cisco environment to enable call home features

  4. A Cisco Cloud Services account with access to Cisco API Developer Portal and Cisco API Console and the permission to register applications and generate tokens