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Case Administrator Creation Fails with: "Unfortunately this action can't be completed because of data mismatch."

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When attempting to finalize the creation of a Case Administrator within the Veeam My Account Portal, the following error occurs: Unfortunately this action can't be completed because of data mismatch. Please, create a new general case and let us fix the problem.


This error occurs when the email you are attempting to assign the role of Case Administrator to is the same as that of the License Administrator. It is not possible to assign the Case Administrator role to an email that already has the License Administrator role. This scenario can be identified as shown below, where the email address used to log in to the My Account portal matches the email address that was specified when attempting to create a new case administrator.


Assigning the Case Administrator role to the email already set as the License Administrator is not necessary. For more information about the License Administrator and Case Administrator roles, review KB2211.

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