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Managed Veeam Backup Agents are offline after Veeam Service Provider Console upgrade

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Veeam Service Provider Console

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After upgrading Veeam Service Provider Console, all Veeam Management Agents are listed as offline.


This may be caused by an incorrect security certificate configuration, which leads to the disconnection of the management agent on the Veeam Cloud Connect server after the upgrade. See the More Information section for details on properly installing security certificates for Veeam Service Provider Console.


In the Veeam Service Provider Console UI, verify the status of Veeam Cloud Connect servers in the Configuration > Cloud Connect Servers. If the status is not Active, perform the following steps: Log in to the machine running Veeam Cloud Connect. Start Agent Configurator with the shortcut or by running the executable C:\Program Files\Veeam\Availability Console\CommunicationAgent\Veeam.MBP.AgentConfigurator.exe. Click the Agent Configurator icon in the system tray to open the Agent Configurator UI. If you see a notification that the security certificate on the backup portal has been changed, click OK.

More Information

For more information, see Veeam Service Provider Console -Service Providers: Installing Security Certificates

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