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How to Create a Veeam Account

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A Veeam account grants you access to the Veeam My Account Portal, the platform that allows you to perform the following actions: View Veeam licenses Download Veeam products Raise and update support cases Access Veeam technical resources Send sales inquiries and renewals requests Once you create a Veeam account, you can assign roles to other users to define what actions the users will be able to perform in the Veeam My Account Portal: License Administrator — can manage licenses and create Case Administrators. To assign the License Administrator role, you must raise a support case for the Veeam Licensing Management team.  Case Administrator — can only raise and update support cases.


To create a Veeam Account: Go to the Veeam website, veeam.com. Click Log In.

More Information

To deactivate your Veeam account, raise a support case for the Veeam Licensing Management team. After you deactivate the account, it will still exist in the Veeam database, but you will not be able to log in to the My Account Portal. To log in to the Portal again, you must activate the account by contacting the Veeam Licensing Management team. To delete your Veeam account, log in to the Veeam My Account Portal and navigate to Edit Profile > Delete my Account, or send an email to privacy@veeam.com. After you delete the account, it will be removed from the Veeam database, and you will not be able to access the Veeam My Account Portal anymore. To access the Portal again, you must create a new Veeam Account.

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