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Procedure to migrate a Cloud Connect tenant to vCloud Director

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SPs who have vCloud Director deployed in their infrastructure can expose vCloud Director resources as cloud hosts for tenant VM replicas. This article describes a procedure of migrating existing tenants to vCloud Director.


On the Tenant side:1. Delete all Cloud Backup and Replication jobs.2. Remove the Service Provider from the Tenant's Backup & Replication console.On the SP side:3. Unsubscribe the Tenant from all resources.4. Delete the Tenant.5. Under Home tab, check if there are any Failover Plans left from this Tenant and delete them.6. Remove all Tenant's Replicas from configuration (do not delete them from disk!). If present, also remove from configuration Tenant's backups under the Backups -> Disk node.7. If vCloud Director has not been added yet, delete the vCenter managed by this vCD first and then add a vCD. If the previously used vCenter is not managed by vCD, its removal is not required.8. Create a vCD organization and an organization vDC.9. Create necessary networks.10. In the vCD, import VMs (previously created Replicas) to the organization.11. Create a vCD tenant.12. Create a folder on the repository for the newly created Tenant.13. Move the Tenant's backups to that folder.14. Rescan the repository.On the Tenant side:15. Add the Service Provider.16. Create jobs and map backup and replicas. Please see Tenant's actions under referenced KB articles.On the SP side:17. After the initial replication job run, ensure that networks are mapped correctly at the vCD side and correct manually if needed.

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