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Connectivity Issue When Adding Veeam Backup & Replication to Enterprise Manager

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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When attempting to add a Veeam Backup Server to Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager the following error occurs:


These connectivity issues may be related to the following causes: The Enterprise Manager server is unable to connect to the Veeam Backup Server over the required ports. The Enterprise Manager is unable to resolve the Veeam Backup Server via both DNS and rDNS.


Ports Please review the port requirements section of the user guide for Backup Enterprise Manager. Ensure that the ports above are open and communication can be made between the Veeam Backups Server and the Backup Enterprise Manager server.   DNS/rDNS The Veeam Backup Server must be able to resolve the Backup Enterprise Manager’s FQDN and hostname. The Backup Enterprise Manager must be able to resolve the Veeam Backup Server’s FQDN and hostname via DNS and rDNS. If one or the other is unable to resolve the others hostname or FQDN to the correct IP, correct the environment so that DNS resolves. Editing the hosts can be done as a workaround.

More Information

Security Warning The advice in this section is intended for use in environments where internal networks are isolated, and a connection needs to be made that will not traverse the Internet. The communication methods that the software uses are not designed to support NAT, however, modifications can be made to make it work with NAT. Veeam strongly advises against using these modifications when the connection between the Enterprise Manager Server and Veeam Backup Server will occur over the open Internet, as that would expose critical Veeam Backup & Replication services. Instead, Veeam advises that if Enterprise Manager must manage a Veeam Backup Server across an internet connection, a VPN or private network solution be used.

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