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Monitoring of standalone hosts fails

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Veeam Management Pack for Microsoft System Center

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No topology is created for standalone ESX/ESXi hosts.nworks logs contain the following errors:   [0.0017] EXCOL+** [VP120] retrieveHostProperties failed, buildMorList: zero count   at nworksCore.Collectors.VimUtil.buildMorList(List`1 nodes)    at nworksCollector.Collectors.EsxPerfCollector.retrieveHostProperties(List`1 topoNodes), target=name of host [0.0017] EXCOL+** [VP035] buildInventory: Retreive host properties failed, buildMorList: zero count   at nworksCollector.Collectors.EsxPerfCollector.retrieveHostProperties(List`1 topoNodes)    at nworksCollector.Collectors.EsxPerfCollector.buildInventory(), target=name of host   The Collector can establish direct connection to the host. The nworks account has read permissions.


In DNS configuration, the host name contains uppercase letters.


To resolve the issue: Make sure that the name of your host does not contain uppercase letters. Rename the host using lowercase letters if needed. Check that in every place of DNS configuration (Configuration > DNS and Routing) you have lowercase letters, and that the Search Domain is not empty. Remove connection to the host in the nworks Enterprise Manager (Connected VMware Servers tab > Remove Connection button). Make sure that the registry on the Collector server does not contain data for the host. Remove the host folder if needed:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\nworks\VIC\Config\VIServers\  In the nworks Enterprise Manager, add connection to the host using lowercase letters.

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