This Customer Support Policy governs the support that BugZero will provide for its Subscription Service (“Customer Support”).

  1. SCOPE

    The purpose of Customer Support is to resolve defects that cause a nonconformity in the Subscription Service as compared to the Product Overview. A resolution to a defect may consist of a fix, workaround, or other relief, as BugZero deems reasonable. Customer Support does not include performing the following services:

    1. implementation services;
    2. configuration services;
    3. integration services;
    4. customization services or other custom software development;
    5. training; or
    6. assistance with administrative functions.

    Customer Support is not required to provide resolutions for immaterial defects or defects due to modifications of the Subscription Service made by any person other than BugZero or a person acting at BugZero’s direction, or defects on any instance of the Subscription Service not in conformance with Exhibit A.3 – Upgrades and Updates.


    Customer Support is available from 9am to 5pm Mountain, business days, excluding holidays.


    BugZero’s Customer Support portal (“Support Portal”) is located at Customer may get login access to the Support Portal by contacting its BugZero administrator. BugZero’s Customer Support may be reached by phone using one of the numbers at


    Incident priority for a defect is determined using the guidelines below.

    P1Any defect that causes the core technology to cease functioning.
    P2Any defect that causes an independent critical function to fail.
    P3Any defect that significantly impedes work or progress.
    P4Any defect that does not significantly impede work or progress.

    Customer may submit an incident with BugZero via the Support Portal or phone. Response times are not affected by the manner of contact. All support requests are tracked in the Support Portal and can be viewed by Customer’s authorized contacts. BugZero will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times and target level of effort stated in the table below.

    PriorityTarget Response TimesTarget Level of Effort
    P18 business hoursBusiness hours, 9-5pm Mountain
    P22 business daysBusiness hours, 9-5pm Mountain
    P35 business daysBusiness hours, 9-5pm Mountain
    P410 business daysBusiness hours, 9-5pm Mountain

    Customer’s obligations with respect to Customer Support are as follows:

    1. Customer will receive from BugZero communications via email, phone, or through the Support Portal regarding the Subscription Service.
    2. Customer will appoint no more than 10 contacts (“Customer Authorized Contacts”) to engage Customer Support for questions and technical issues.
    3. Customer must maintain the following Customer Authorized Contacts:
      1. Primary Business Contact;
      2. Secondary Business Contact;
      3. Technical Contact;
      4. Support Contact;
      5. Billing Contact; and
      6. Security Contact.
    4. Customer will maintain current information for all Customer Authorized Contacts in the Support Portal.
    5. Only Customer Authorized Contacts will contact Customer Support.
    6. Customer will train all Customer Authorized Contacts on the use and administration of the Subscription Service.
    7. Customer will cooperate to enable BugZero to deliver the Subscription Service and Customer Support.
    8. Customer is solely responsible for the use of the Subscription Service by its users.