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BugZero Announces Strategic Partnership with CrushBank to Mature IT Operational Resilience

BugZero Announces Strategic Partnership with CrushBank to Mature IT Operational Resilience

Eric DeGrass

Eric DeGrass


October 18, 2023 – DENVER, COLORADO: BugZero, the only commercially available solution driving Operational Resilience by focusing exclusively on IT vendor operational defects, today announced a new partnership with CrushBank, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge management systems. This collaboration is poised to significantly enhance IT service stability and quickly resolve IT disruptions across CrushBank’s portfolio of clients. 

CrushBank’s customers will now gain access to BugZero’s Operational Defect Database (ODD). This database leverages Generative AI, Machine Learning, and proprietary data-enriching techniques to provide comprehensive and relevant IT vendor bug information to remediate more quickly. This enriched data exceeds anything available from the manufacturer, allowing companies to make informed decisions, address disruptions more quickly, and improve overall IT service resilience. BugZero supports more than a dozen vendors, including Cisco, VMWare, Microsoft, and NetApp. 

“By this day and age, operational defect management should be a mature, automated process.  With BugZero it is.  Partnering with CrushBank allows BugZero to bring our solution to a wider audience, helping support a wider range of firms in our mission of broadening the definition of IT Risk and reducing costly and frustrating downtime,” said Eric DeGrass, Founder of BugZero. 

Solving industry challenges like inefficiencies of traditional ITSM solutions, CrushBank’s AI-driven platform streamlines and consolidates enterprise data. The integration of BugZero’s solution further strengthens the platform’s capabilities, promising clients improved helpdesk efficiency and robust operational resilience. 

“Our platform has always been about transforming enterprise data into actionable insights. By integrating BugZero’s operational defect solution, we're set to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our clients,” stated Brian Mullaney, Chief Revenue officer of CrushBank. 

About BugZero: 

BugZero is the first solution that proactively addresses risks associated with IT vendor operational bugs. The company’s Operational Defect Database (ODD) provides more than just vendor bug information – it helps organizations prioritize vendor bugs and proactively prevent IT disruptions. Founded in 2019 by Eric DeGrass, a seasoned IT Executive Leader, the BugZero platform leverages decades of expertise in mitigating IT outages. With a keen focus on automation and proactive identification, BugZero is dedicated to helping IT teams avoid costly outages. 

About CrushBank: 

CrushBank Technology, Inc. has built an AI Knowledge Management system to transform IT support. It provides smart data to reduce escalations, speed resolutions and deliver unparalleled analytical insight.  CrushBank unlocks proprietary and previously unsearchable content to provide invaluable support information and then uses that same technology to help categorize and classify client interactions for improved decision-making. CrushBank makes it easier to collect data and identify missing information to continually bolster a support team’s corpus of information.  Founded by industry leaders, CrushBank searches and categorizes more than 15 million pieces of information daily.  

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