About Us

Why We Do It

We have been ‘in the trenches’ and held operational responsibility for IT Operations for numerous decades combined. We have a passion for solving disruptions caused by vendor operational bugs after countless outages caused by this very problem. We understand and respect how difficult your job is and are working hard towards solving this problem for all of us.


Increase uptime, reduce pain.


Collect and identify risks.

End State

Predictable IT operations enabling your team to focus on adding business value.

Core Values

Our core values guide every decision we make, setting the foundation for how we support and engage with our employees, customers, communities, and partners.


Continuous innovation

Golden Rule​

Results over efforts

We solve problems together

Core Team

Eric DeGrass

Eric DeGrass

  • Built a $15M enterprise business unit within a global service provider​
  • Scaled at 72% CAGR from inception​
  • Over 15 years of service provider IT Operations experience​
Miles Lancaster

Miles Lancaster

  • Previously held Chief Architect roles at HPE and DXC Technology​
  • Holds IT architecture certifications from TOGAF, AWS, SAFe, and Dell​
  • 2 decades of IT Operations experience​
Chase Foster

Chase Foster

  • 20 years experience developing software products at enterprises and startups​
  • Specializes in facilitating ideation, product roadmaps, designing and implementing product architectures​
Amit Even

Amit Even

  • 10 years experience developing data heavy solutions ​
  • Specializes in data crawling interfaces, data manipulation, and data architecture​
Chase Foster

Andrew Adamicska

  • 7 years experience developing software products for startups​
  • Specializes in implementing top performing front-end solutions

Board of Advisors

Sam Rozenberg​

Sam Rozenberg​

  • Accomplished innovator, leader, and entrepreneur​
  • Successfully invested in a dozen startups​
  • 20 years in IT Operations​
Nelson Lin​

Nelson Lin​

  • IT Executive and Business Consultant​
  • Publishing, Telecom, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Konica Minolta, Arthur Andersen ​
  • 25 years in Enterprise IT​
Steven Pae​

Steven Pae​

  • Technology Executive in Financial Services for 25 years​
  • Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, CIT Group​
  • 25 years in Enterprise IT​

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